BEARGEAR Figure 8 Straps


• Strong padding for lifting heavy weights with no skin damage

• High quality extremely HEAVY DUTY web material

• Comes in pair

• 8 – shape form-factor for really reliable grip

• Withhold up to 1500lbs

• No metal or plastic parts

• CrossFit ready


Product Description

Sometimes normal straps no matter how good they may be are not enough for your BEAST workout.

This is why BEARGEAR™ 8-FIGURE Straps are even bigger and stronger than any other.
The whole idea of locking your hands on the metal bar has been re-worked and this is where this perfect tool was born.

BEARGEAR™ 8-FIGURE Straps provide unbelievable grip making the bar and your arms tied together. Your grip will never unlock or  slip off until you want so.  

Made of 100% heavy duty cotton BEARGEAR™ 8-FIGURE Straps are stretch-resistant and double stitched to ensure durability. There is no single metal component that can rust or deform. BEARGEAR™ 8-FIGURE Straps are designed in a way to avoid using any locks or velcros to make them simple and reliable.     

The inner wrist side of the Straps is enabled with soft neoprene pad to prevent skin damages.

BEARGEAR™ Grip Pads are brightly finished to be found in any premises you leave them.




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