BEARGEAR Weightlifting Knee Wraps (Standard)


• Good quality elasticized cotton

• Protection and support during leg workout

• High rubber standard, durable

• Designed to grip the skin which eliminates the need for chalking the knees



The squats is the king of all movements in powerlifting, yet it’s the most difficult and dangerous for your knees.  
The purpose of BEARGEAR™ KNEE WRAPS is to provide support to your overloaded knee joints during heavy or max effort squats. During this movement, the athlete’s knees are subject to excessive load and as a result he gets compromised mechanics and failed lifts, as well as possible injury.

BEARGEAR™ Knee Wraps are made from higher grade cotton elastic for maximum support. Having an industrial strength velcro for more comfy yet reliable fastening these wraps come in two types to fit most various needs: Standard and HARDENED.

While HARDENED type of BEARGEAR™ Knee Wraps is meant to be used to max in 1-rep sets, Standard type can play a very important role in your safety while preparing to show maximum performance during lighter sets.

BEARGEAR™ Knee Wraps tested to perform in the most extreme conditions, have proven to give superior levels of support and safety along with flexibility. This all makes BEARGEAR™ Knee Wraps to be one of the means of meeting your goals without injuries.

Hardened vs. Standard


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Rectangular, Rounded


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